Food Code Reference System

The Food Code Reference System (FCRS) contains the FDA’s interpretive positions and responses to questions related to the FDA Model Food Code.  It’s a searchable database that the FDA provides to promote consistent understanding and application of the Model Food Code and support the FDA with its efforts to promote the application of science-based food safety principles in retail and food service settings to help prevent foodborne illnesses.  Here you may find interpretations that can help you make more informed food safety decisions in a retail food service, especially since Georgia’s Rules and Regulations for Food Service are based on the FDA Model Food Code.

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Straight from the Field: What Is Lurking in the Ice Machine?

What's in the ice

Below are a few pictures of “in-use” ice machines that were taken recently by inspectors in the field.  It’s important to remember that ice, just like any other food, can become a vehicle of contamination; therefore, it must be protected.  Place ice machines, as well as ice storage bins, on a routine cleaning schedule.  When ice machines can’t be cleaned properly due to disrepair, they should either be restored or replaced.