Just Say No to Norovirus!

Nobody enjoys cleaning up after a vomit or diarrhea related accident, but if it’s not done correctly, you, your co-workers, or your customers could be exposed to norovirus.  It only takes about 10 norovirus particles to produce a case of gastroenteritis, and one sinNoro Cleanup Postergle vomiting incident can release 300,000 or more of these viral particles into the environment. And perhaps worst of all, not all disinfectants are effective at destroying norovirus.  If surfaces that become contaminated with vomit or diarrhea are not disinfected properly, norovirus can survive for several days or even weeks!

In an effort to stop norovirus in its tracks, the State Environmental Health Office has provided several resources that can be used to help assure the effective cleanup of contaminated surfaces during these events.   These resources, including a sample clean-up procedure, a corresponding color poster, and a list of EPA registered disinfectants that are effective against norovirus, can be found in the Food Service FAQs located here:

CDPH Food Service FAQs

Please take some time to review your own cleanup protocol to make sure that it’s strong enough to tackle norovirus!


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