Want To Be A Part Of Our Next Food Safety Partnership Panel?

We will be recording our next Food Safety Partnership Panel during the month of June, and we’re looking for volunteers to take part in this upcoming episode.  Each Partnership Panel is comprised of consumer, food service industry, and regulatory authority representatives who take part in discussing current topics related to food safety, so the only prerequisite for participation is a shared interest in the topic being discussed.

If you are interested in being a part of our next panel, please contact our Food Program Manager, Karen Gulley, at 678-385-5066.

To view one of our previous episodes, visit the Food Service page at the Cobb & Douglas Public Health website:



ALERT: Recent Recalls

Always be alert for any recently recalled food or food products that may be used in your restaurant or kitchen.  If you find yourself in possession of a recalled product, please do not open or consume it.  Just follow the instructions in the recall notice and return it to your supplier or original place of purchase. 

A biweekly summary of current food recalls affecting Georgia is being provided to Cobb & Douglas Public Health by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, and it’s available for viewing when you click on the following link:

ALERT – RECENT RECALLS – Cobb & Douglas Public Health

If you would like to receive automatic recall updates from the Georgia Department of Agriculture, you may register at the following link:  http://agr.georgia.gov/recalls.aspx