Learn How to Stop the “Notorious Virus” During National Food Safety Month!


The theme of this year’s National Food Safety Month is the “Notorious Virus”, which includes an emphasis on the prevention and control of Norovirus.  Please check out the recent press release from Cobb & Douglas Public Health to learn more about Norovirus and gain access to other food safety resources, such as our Food Safety Partnership Panels.

Always remember to think Food Safety!

New Food Safety Partnership Panel on Personal Hygiene and Employee Health

The people factor, as it pertains to food safety, is so important that it is addressed at the beginning of Georgia’s Rules and Regulations Governing Food Service.  This topic is also the focus of our most recent Food Safety Partnership Panel episode.  Watch the video for a review of the components to include in every Employee Health Policy.

This video may also be viewed on Cobb-TV 23 and Douglas-TV 23.  Additionally, all of our Food Safety Partnership Panel videos are posted on our website.

More tools to assist you in this area will be posted in the near future, so stay tuned!