Learn How to Stop the “Notorious Virus” During National Food Safety Month!


The theme of this year’s National Food Safety Month is the “Notorious Virus”, which includes an emphasis on the prevention and control of Norovirus.  Please check out the recent press release from Cobb & Douglas Public Health to learn more about Norovirus and gain access to other food safety resources, such as our Food Safety Partnership Panels.

Always remember to think Food Safety!

Now Showing: A New Food Safety Partnership Panel!

Food Safety Partnership Panel #10:

Typhoid Mary: The Power of One

Join us as we take a look at lessons learned from the infamous Typhoid Mary, reminding viewers of important principles that need to be adhered to in order to help minimize the possibility of disease transmission via food.

Each partnership panel is approximately 30 minutes long and all 10 may be found on our website at http://www.cobbanddouglaspublichealth.com/environmental-health/food-services/ .

Got ServSafe?

Most food service establishments are required to have a Certified Food Safety Manager (CFSM) on staff.  Since the certification for a CFSM is only valid for 5 years, it’s critical that restaurant operators be aware of when the credential is nearing its expiration date.  If you, or someone you know, is in need of this certification or due for re-certification,  Cobb & Douglas Public Health will be presenting a ServSafe class in partnership with the Cobb County Cooperative Extension Service on July 26-27.

Additional information for this class, including a registration form, can be found at the following link:


ALERT: Recent Recalls

Always be alert for any recently recalled food or food products that may be used in your restaurant or kitchen.  If you find yourself in possession of a recalled product, please do not open or consume it.  Just follow the instructions in the recall notice and return it to your supplier or original place of purchase. 

A biweekly summary of current food recalls affecting Georgia is being provided to Cobb & Douglas Public Health by the Georgia Department of Agriculture, and it’s available for viewing when you click on the following link:

ALERT – RECENT RECALLS – Cobb & Douglas Public Health

If you would like to receive automatic recall updates from the Georgia Department of Agriculture, you may register at the following link:  http://agr.georgia.gov/recalls.aspx


High Demand for New Food Service Rules Update Sessions

Food serviceCobbSafetyVillage_1 owners and operators have registered for the new Food Service rules update sessions in record numbers.  The January 27, 2016 session was full before the January 20th deadline, resulting in an additional session being offered on February 24, 2016.  Due to continued high demand, the registration for the February session has also closed, leaving a waiting list for those that would like to attend.  Both of these sessions will be presented by Cobb & Douglas Public Health at the Cobb County Safety Village in Marietta.  Due to the number of registrants for each class, attendees are asked to arrive by 2:00 PM for sign-in so that we may begin promptly at 2:30 PM.

We are very pleased that so many were interested in learning more about these changes in order to enhance their compliance. If you have registered and have found that you will be unable to attend, please contact  Karen Gulley, our Food Service Program Manager, at 678-385-5066 or Karen.Gulley@dph.ga.gov so that someone else may be offered an opportunity to join us.

ServSafe Class Available in February

Cobb & Douglas Public Health will present a ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification class on February 9-10, 2016 at the Marietta Health Center: Building B, 1738 County Services Parkway, Marietta.  The class will be conducted in the Meeting/Training Room located on the 2nd floor.

If you would like to attend, please send in your completed registration form before the January 15 registration deadline.  The registration form can be found here:  http://www.cobbanddouglaspublichealth.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/ServSafe-Marietta-FlyerFeb-2016-KHG-edit-10.19.15.pdf

Additional dates and sources for ServSafe and other approved CFSM training classes can be viewed at the Cobb & Douglas Public Health website.

New Partnership Panel Episode!

Our latest Partnership Panel is now available for viewing!  This episode features a timely discussion of Georgia’s updated Rules and Regulations for Food Service that can serve as learning tool for food service management and staff.  It is available on demand (with all previous panels) at CobbAndDouglasPublicHealth.com and can be downloaded at Vimeo.PP9

The Food Safety Partnership Panel will also be shown on Cobb TV23  according to the following schedule:

  • Mondays @ 9:30am
  • Tuesdays @ 11:30am & 3:30pm
  • Wednesdays @ 12:30pm & 7pm
  • Thursdays @ 10pm
  • Fridays @ 10 am & 3:30pm
  • Saturdays & Sundays @ 1pm & 6pm

FDA Oral Culture Learner Project

Most food service workers learn by spoken word and illustration.  The FDA has posters and storyboards available in nine different languages to enhance your food safety training efforts in the areas of employee health and food safety practices/principles. The material is especially designed for oral culture learners.

Find out what is available to help with your training needs at the following link:


A Consumer’s Guide to a Safe Holiday Table

christmas-turkey-1415520163IhqA large crowd to cook for, a big bird to roast, and too many cooks in the kitchen have the potential to add up to a foodborne illness for those dining at the holiday table. But handling and cooking a turkey should not be an illness waiting to happen. The University of Georgia Extension has some basic recommendations that will help keep food safe for you and your guests–not only during the holidays, but year-round.

Click here for holiday food safety tips.

Are You Prepared?

planpreparepracticeIn the event of an emergency, are you prepared?  Our new Rules and Regulations for Food Service allow for the continued operation of a food service establishment in the event of an imminent health hazard (such as the loss of water or electric power for more than 2 hours) if your facility has a pre-approved Emergency Operations plan.   The following link will assist you in developing your own Emergency Operations plan:

Emergency Action Plan or Retail Food Establishments

Food service establishments are also required to have a plan for the clean-up of a vomit or fecal event that might occur in the  dining room, restroom, or on playground equipment.  An example of such a plan is available at the following link:

Clean-up Procedures for Vomit and Fecal Events