NEW: Debiting of Cold Holding Temperatures Above 41ºF

The safe cold holding temperature for time and temperature control for safety (TCS) foods is 41ºF.  Please note that a grace will no longer be allowed for temperatures observed above this (for example at 43ºF) when the item is considered to be in cold holding.    A temperature above 41ºF or more when cold-held would constitute a 9-point violation.  Facility operators are asked to ensure that all TCS food temperatures are monitored to help ensure the compliance temperature of 41ºF or below is maintained in order to help inhibit the growth of harmful foodborne illness causing bacteria.  [Note: We will allow for the calibration of thermometers within 1 to 2 ºF.]


by Parish Divinity, EHS

As the holiday season approaches and new menu items start appearing, emphasis is again placed on the proper cooking of foods.  Time and temperature control for safety foods that require cooking are considered “cooked” only after they have been heated to the minimum cook temperatures designated for the particular food item.  This minimum cook temperature must be reached in order to kill harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli 0157.  Color and texture alone won’t tell you whether your food is done. Instead, use a food thermometer to be verify the food’s internal temperature.   When checking the temperature of food, always check the temperature in at least two locations, and at least one of those temperatures should be measured in the thickest part of the food (if applicable).

Test your knowledge by taking this short Minimum Internal Cooking Temperatures Quiz provided by ServSafe.